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At Evolve Medical Clinics, we think modern, high-quality Primary care should be accessible to everyone. Healthcare costs are shifting to you,

Evolve Medical Clinics pricing Annapolis Edgewater Davidsonville, Crofton, Bowie, Crownsville, Gambrills, Millersville.

Members are entitled to all of the services above, as many times as needed. No questions asked.

the patient with higher deductibles and higher co-insurance.

Our simple fee structure helps take the guesswork out of health care pricing, so you can see your provider when you want to without breaking your budget. Whether you need a physical, a vaccination or want to address any of your Primary Care health concerns, we make it affordable.

Evolve Medical Clinic members pay just $25 for a visit. Non members pay $125 for a visit. For your convenience, we accept checks, debit and credit cards as payment for your visits.

Evolve Medical Clinics makes every attempt to minimize any additional cost to you. We base all of our pricing on the Healthcare Bluebook, which is “a guide to help you determine Fair Prices in your area for healthcare services”. It has been featured on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Forbes as setting a market standard for pricing. Another site you may find helpful for understanding Fair Pricing is Cost Helper Health.

We strongly encourage you to visit these websites to look up the costs associated with any service or procedure here or anywhere you might go. Our members enjoy a substantial savings for every service or procedure.

Q: How Does Evolve Medical Clinics Save Me Money?

Evolve Medical discounted services for Annapolis, Edgewater, Gambrills, Crofton, Arnold, Severna Park, Millersville, Bowie.

Evolve Medical is committed to absolutely minimizing your out of pocket expense. For the few services you might rarely need, that could run you hundreds of dollars, we provide to our members for a discount as much as 88% or more!

A: Let one of our Primary Care Members explain how it worked for them:

Evolve Medical Clinics received the following email from a patient stating, “Evolve saved me $3,000 healthcare costs in just 3 months.”

“In January 2015, I signed on as a member. I was seen that day for only $25. As it turns out, I had been told I needed an MRI of my abdomen because there was an area that the Radiologist wasn’t sure of. I was told the MRI would be $1,000 and since my deductible is $3,000, it meant I’d have to pay the whole thing. At that first visit, I saw Amy Ricker who reviewed my ultrasound and then discussed my case with Dr. Freedman who then called the Radiologist. In the end, they agreed it wasn’t necessary–just a follow up ultrasound at 3 months.
Then in March I needed refills of my 4 medications. The prescriptions were called in to CVS but when I went to pick them up, CVS told me it was over $2,000. What?! Apparently my insurance had changed–but so ridiculous. Then I remembered that Evolve Medical Clinics has an App. I went to the section on saving money on prescriptions. I clicked on that and literally in under 2 minutes, I found all 4 at another pharmacy and had an electronic discount card that allowed me to get them for just over $200 (90 day supply no less!) I texted Evolve and asked them to transfer my prescriptions and in less than 3 minutes I got a text back saying, ‘Done!’
Then, in the first week of April I had had a sinus infection for over a week. I used Evolve’s App again, this time to schedule a virtual appointment. My 3 year old was home sick and I really didn’t want to drag him to a doctors office so the virtual visit worked out perfectly. It was essentially a house call for $25! My husband picked up the prescription on the way home and done 🙂
From what I can see, the medical system is broken. I just feel very blessed and fortunate to have someone now that is there for me, available and will actually advocate for me and help make sure I don’t get unnecessary tests or treatments. Thank you Evolve Medical Clinics!” –J.W., Annapolis, MD 

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