Evolve Medical Clinics:

Values and Principles


At Evolve Medical Clinics, we understand your time is limited.  Who has time to sit in a waiting room or take off half a day—even for important medical needs? The reality is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Traditional doctor’s offices simply are not able to offer the up to date solutions as a result of issues related to insurances and government.

For a little more than a dollar a day, Evolve Medical Clinics is able to offer many ways to access care. Virtual visits from your desk or home, scheduled office visits with wait times usually under 30 minutes.  Text prior to arrival to schedule or check on wait times for same day sick visits. Or even text or email a question or photo to see if you even need to be seen.


Evolve Medical Clinics believe patients and providers can partner together to make smart decisions about care. We pledge to keep you informed of fees and costs in advance of being seen. Our membership model and simplified fee structure will allow you to budget for routine care, while your insurance will continue to safeguard for the unexpected.

Transparency also applies to your medical records. Our policy is simple. Access your entire, complete record anytime and anywhere via our secure on-line patient portal. You will never again pay to have your records forwarded and you will always be able to see exactly what your provider has said—most of the time before you even get to your car to leave.


Evolve Medical Clinics is a Direct Primary Care. For a small monthly fee of $49, members will be able to text, email or have visits virtually or be seen traditionally for just $25 per visit. By cutting out insurance companies and government agencies, we can provide the highest level of service, excellence in diagnosis and treatment in a friendly, timely and efficient way like you’ve never experienced before.

Evolve Medical Clinics provides outstanding convenience and value potentially resulting in significant time and cost savings. Many of us with higher deductibles or co-insurance have found that we pay 100% of doctors’ visits and urgent care visits until the deductible is met. Many people never reach their deductible in a given year. We believe people may realize substantial savings over traditional primary and immediate care, particularly if they opt for a less expensive plan with a higher deductible.

Is it worth $49/month? It really depends on how you value your time, health and convenience. Relative to other monthly expenses, the decision is easy.  For comparison, the average American spends $181/month on restaurants. A daily Starbucks Latte is $120/month.  Buying lunch at work costs $148/month on average! A subscription to the Capital Newspaper is $17/month and the average Cable TV bill is $123/month. What is the monthly cost of hair care or your cell phone or lawn care?

Evolve Medical Clinics Principles

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