DPC Membership

How It Works

Evolve’s DPC Membership is a totally new way to get your Primary Care!


Imagine a primary care office that: 


  • Can see you on the same day.

  • You can text, email, or call — and get a response!

  • No waiting in crowded waiting rooms.

  • Providers who have the time to really listen to you.

Evolve DPC Membership Maryland

Evolve Direct Primary Care

How It Works?

With or without insurance: Save Time & Money.

Evolve Direct delivers the best Primary Care in Maryland.

Designed to be fast, easy & affordable, Evolve helps you and your family save money on health expenses and get better care at the same time.

How is it possible?

Evolve is a Direct Primary Care. By cutting out all the insurance burdens, our providers can double the time they spend with you — and focus on just you and your health, happiness and well-being.

What if I already have insurance?

Our main goals are to keep you healthy and to save you money.

If it saves you money to get testing done or refer you through your insurance company, that is what we will do. But rest assured, Evolve will never submit any charges to your insurance–and you simply won’t need it with us.

If you have a higher deductible and don’t want to spend $1,500 on an MRI, we can get it for $400. If you need labs and don’t want to spend $300 towards your deductible, we can save you 85% on lab costs. The savings go on and on!

Member Pricing

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not 100% satisfied, cancel at any time after the first 6 months.

Membership is as low as $59 per month.

Each visit is only $25.

Kids age 6-17 years of age are only $19/month and kids ages 18-25 are still only $29/month with each parent that joins. If both parents join, all children are covered regardless of the total number. For single parents, all children are eligible!

Evolve DPC Membership
Evolve DPC Membership Covered Services

Lower Your Health Care Cost With
Evolve DPC Membership!

Evolve’s Pricing is always 100% transparent — No Surprise Bills!

Save Money on Prescriptions

Almost all the antibiotics you might need are on-site and FREE!

Save Money on Labs

Get your labs done for a fraction of what you pay elsewhere. 

Save Money on Radiology

Evolve can help you save hundreds of dollars on MRIs, CT scan and many more. 

We know how expensive health care can be, which is why we keep our services affordable, transparent and accessible. Our pricing is straightforward and substantially lower than that found in the Health Care Bluebook.

More Evolve Member Benefits

What’s different about Evolve?

Evolve Advocacy

Evolve is on YOUR side.

Our providers don’t answer to Medicare, Medicaid, insurers or even a big corporation. 

At Evolve, YOU are the focus — not your insurance company.

We Respect You and Your Time

Stop waiting hours — just to be rushed!

At Evolve Direct, we will spend as much time as is necessary with you to get to the bottom of things. Instead of feeling rushed in and out, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and be sure you understand any diagnosis and plan. 

Wait times at Evolve are rarely more than 15 minutes. Each visit is scheduled for 30 minutes to allow plenty of time for questions and answers. 

We are all tired of waiting for an hour in a dirty, crowded waiting room. Don’t be left to sitting in a cold sterile exam room–and just for a rushed 6-minute visit.

At Evolve Direct, we respect you and your time!

Still More Evolve Perks

In addition to all of the free services and discounted services, members also benefit from the following: 


Guaranteed Same Day Appointments


Every visit is 30-60 minutes


Wait times less than 30 minutes (usually less than 15 minutes!)


Virtual Visits (Telemedicine)


Contact your provider easily and get a response within hours (not days)


Contact your provider by email, text, phone or in-person


Evening and weekend hours


Most antibiotics are free and dispensed on-site.


Blood drawn on-site, no appointment necessary


Always get a human on the phone when you call during the day (no phone trees)

Already Have Health Insurance?

Evolve fits perfectly with higher-deductible plans. Most of us never reach our deductible.  Evolve can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Use your health insurance like always — you just won’t need it at Evolve.

Use your insurance for catastrophic care, expensive testing or Specialists.

But when you are getting your primary or urgent care, you’ll only pay $25. Evolve Direct Primary Care will help you budget and saves you from unexpected charges $250 or more.

With or without insurance, Evolve can save you and your family a lot of time and money. 

Evolve Direct Primary Care strongly encourages all of our patients to carry at least catastrophic health insurance for emergencies and major health expenses.


“I have a high-deductible and even factoring in the monthly cost for Evolve, still saved over $2,400 last year!”


"Hands down the best medical care."

“Dr. Freeman, Megan & the whole Evolve team are AWESOME!”

-December 2019

"I love my doctor & ALL the staff."

“Friendly, thorough & make you feel so comfortable.”

January 2019

"Evolve felt more like a spa..."

“The staff genuinely care about providing excellent customer service.”

July 2017

"I leave knowing I am getting the best care possible."

“I always recommend Evolve if you are tired of ‘revolving door’ offices.”

April 2019

"They are the future of healthcare."

“If you are looking for a new GP, there is no better place!”

May 2019

"Saved me lots of time & money!"

“As an ER nurse myself, I highly recommend Evolve & it’s membership plan.”

September 2018

"Beyond Expectations."

“Friendly, open, caring, prompt, knowledgeable and AFFORDABLE!”

–February 2019

"Wow! What a great place."

“Awesome caring medical pros. Changing how care is delivered!”

–May 2018

"Evolve is such a blessing."

“In today’s world of complicated insurance plans, overcrowded medical facilities, Evolve is a breath of fresh air.”

December 2016

"Affordable Health Care at last."

“They helped me get all of my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying.”

August 2015

"I got lab work at a tenth of what I paid at other clinics."

“They helped me get all my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying.”

August 2017

"Wow! Where has this place been all my life?!"

“What an amazing experience. I can’t see myself going anywhere else.”

April 2019

"I love the virtual appointments"

“Super convenient. I’m so appreciative…taking the time to listen and actually give me answers.”

February 2019

"You never feel rushed."

“Extremely thorough, very patient. Evolve is truly a godsend.”

February 2019

Evolve’s Same-Day Appointment Guarantee

Whether you need to see us today or in the future, Evolve Medical’s Direct Primary Care makes it easy for you.

Same-day appointments are always available.
What’s the point of having a regular primary care doctor if you can never see them, right?

Scheduling is Fast & Easy


Schedule on-line.


Schedule from your phone.


Text us.


Email us.


Use the Evolve App


Schedule from Facebook

Whatever is fastest and easiest for YOU!

Truly Caring and Dedicated Primary Care Providers

Our providers must be not only some of the smartest around but also must be compassionate, kind and caring. And our providers have the time to listen carefully and diagnose properly the first time.

Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman


Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Don’t take our word for it. 

Read some of our reviews online by clicking one of the links below to Yelp, Google or Facebook Reviews. 

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