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"Hands down the best medical care."

“Dr. Freeman, Megan & the whole Evolve team are AWESOME!”

-December 2019

"I love my doctor & ALL the staff."

“Friendly, thorough & make you feel so comfortable.”

January 2019

"Evolve felt more like a spa..."

“The staff genuinely care about providing excellent customer service.”

July 2017

"I leave knowing I am getting the best care possible."

“I always recommend Evolve if you are tired of ‘revolving door’ offices.”

April 2019

"They are the future of healthcare."

“If you are looking for a new GP, there is no better place!”

May 2019

"Saved me lots of time & money!"

“As an ER nurse myself, I highly recommend Evolve & it’s membership plan.”

September 2018

"Beyond Expectations."

“Friendly, open, caring, prompt, knowledgeable and AFFORDABLE!”

–February 2019

"Wow! What a great place."

“Awesome caring medical pros. Changing how care is delivered!”

–May 2018

"Evolve is such a blessing."

“In today’s world of complicated insurance plans, overcrowded medical facilities, Evolve is a breath of fresh air.”

December 2016

"Affordable Health Care at last."

“They helped me get all of my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying.”

August 2015

"I got lab work at a tenth of what I paid at other clinics."

“They helped me get all my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying.”

August 2017

"Wow! Where has this place been all my life?!"

“What an amazing experience. I can’t see myself going anywhere else.”

April 2019

"I love the virtual appointments"

“Super convenient. I’m so appreciative…taking the time to listen and actually give me answers.”

February 2019

"You never feel rushed."

“Extremely thorough, very patient. Evolve is truly a godsend.”

February 2019

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Covid General Information

At Evolve, we are deeply committed to keeping our patients, and our community, healthy. 

Clicking this link will bring you to Evolve’s Covid General Information page. This page brings together many of the nation’s top Covid health advisories as well as information specific for Maryland and Anne Arundel County.

Our patients can find links for the CDC, Maryland Department of Health, Anne Arundel County Department of Health, Johns Hopkins as well as a number of useful trackers.  

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How To Manage Covid at Home

The diagnosis of Covid for either you or a loved one can be frightening. Click here for a guide designed to give you, or those caring for you, a clear understanding of what to watch for and what to do.

Click the image above to get more information about managing Covid at home. Information about what to expect, what to monitor warning signs, breathing exercises and more. 

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COVID Antibody Testing

Antibody testing (also called serology testing) looks to see if you have developed antibodies, the proteins critical for fighting off and clearing out the virus that causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 antibody will be negative until at least 14 days from the time of sickness or exposure before looking for antibodies.

How long does it take to get the results?  Evolve receives results in 1-3 days.

What does it mean if the antibody test is positive?  A positive result means you were exposed to COVID-19. But it does NOT mean you are immune to COVID-19.  Evolve encourages everyone to still follow all possible protective measures. 

The World Health Organization has specifically warned against using a positive result to suggest you are “immune” and can return to normal activity.

Keep in mind there are over 200 Different COVID-19 Antibody Tests Available

The specific test is drawn at Evolve and performed by Quest Diagnostics using Abbott Architect SARS-CoV-2 IgG.

Data submitted to the FDA for approval shows 100% sensitivity and 99.6% specificity.

COVID 19 VIRAL SWAB Testing - Covid Info

COVID Viral Swab

Evolve’s COVID PCR swab testing has the fastest turn-around time in Maryland!

The COVID swab test is performed as a drive-thru test.

Stay in your car avoid the long waits and crowded, dirty waiting room.

Stay safe and protected.

Prior to obtaining a COVID swab, you will meet with one of our providers through a Virtual Visit to evaluate the indications for testing, make sure the COVID swab is the right test and answer any questions you may have.

Results are usually back in 1-2 business days. We text a copy of your results right away. 

The cost for the evaluation is only $25 for Evolve members. If you simply need a COVID test prior to travel, there is NO CHARGE for members. 

Non-member cost is $145 for the virtual visit.

Non-members: Consider joining Evolve! Each COVID test going forward will be only $25 or no charge (depending on indications). Learn more about Evolve’s membership here. 

There is no laboratory fee for the COVID test. Billing for COVID testing is managed by the lab and should be covered in full by your insurance or the state’s uninsured fund.

Evolve uses Integrated Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics (ICMD), a locally-owned, highly-complex accredited lab located in Greenbelt, Maryland.

ICMD uses ThermoFisher Scientific Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID-19 Real-time PCR. ThermoFisher is the global leader in service science with this COVID test serving many other countries.

Which COVID Test Evolve - Covid Info

Which COVID Test is Right for YOU?

There are two main types of tests you can have for COVID:

Viral testing  &  Antibody testing. 

COVID Swab looks for the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.

If the COVID swab is POSITIVE, then you are COVID-19 contagious (whether you feel sick or not).

If the antibody test is positive, then you will know you were exposed to COVID-19 in the past. 

All of Evolve’s COVID testing is performed in the safest possible manner.

Our dedicated staff are experienced, caring professionals focused on performing the test accurately — and safely.

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Ready to Schedule Testing?

Scheduling either a COVID Nasal Swab or Antibody test is easy!

Evolve Members:

  • Simply click on “Schedule COVID Test (Members Only)” below.
  • Schedule a Virtual Visit
  • We’ll text you a convenient time to come by!
  • No Fee if you simply need a COVID test for travel.
  • Fee is only $25 if you need a virtual visit because of exposure or symptoms.

Non-Members or Urgent Care

  • Simply click on “Schedule COVID Test (Non-member) below.
  • Schedule a Virtual Visit
  • We’ll text you a time to come by.
  • Fee is $145 for consult.
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Evolve Urgent Care and Direct Primary Care is the highest reviewed Primary Care and Urgent Care, serving Annapolis, Edgewater, Arnold, Crownsville, Davidsonville, Gambrills, Millersville, Crofton, Arnold, Severna Park, Glen Burnie, Pasadena and all portions of Anne Arundel County.

Additional Resources

My COVID Risk calculator Evolve 1 - Covid Info

What is your risk for getting COVID-19? 

Find out how high your risk is for doing an activity. 

  • Celebrating a holiday or gathering at friends or family’s house. 
  • Going to house of worship. 
  • Hair salon. 
  • Eating at a restaurant. 
  • Going to a bar. 
  • Working out at gym. 
  • Grocery shopping. 

Just enter how long you will be there, will you wear a mask, etc. 

Once you have established your risk, you can also see how to lower your risk.

An incredible resource provided free by Brown Medical School. 

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"Hands down the best medical care."

"Dr. Freeman, Megan & the whole Evolve team are AWESOME!"

-December 2019

"Professionals that take Primary Care to an ultimate level."

"These guys really know what they are doing."

-March 2021

"First class medical services."

"The most accessible and humane way possible."

-March 2021

"The entire team is absolutely incredible."

"I feel so cared about, so listened too, and so respected as a person."

-April 2021

"They actually give me answers."

"Instead of pushing a different prescription. They listen."

-February 2019

"This place is amazing!"

"Excellent practitioners and excellent service!!"

-May 2021

"The team here at Evolve is absolutely incredible."

"Dr. Freedman, Megan, Laurie-the entire staff is a dream." 

-April 2021

"It doesn't get any better than this."

"This is such a good medical model. I'll never go back to old school primary care."

-April 2021

"This place is a game-changer."

"I just love it. It feels like they really care."

-January 2019

"This place has been a godsend!"

"The doctors are better than any primary care doctors I've had for a decade."

-November 2018

"I LOVE my doctor & ALL the staff!"

"They are friendly, thorough & make you feel so comfortable."

-January 2019

"Amazing. Everyone at Evolve is great!"

"Evolve is a unique and perfect model for health care."

-October 2017

"A revolution in health care."

"First time in years that I have had real access to medical help."

-October 2018

"I am thrilled to be a member of Evolve."

"I am overwhelmed by the kindness and professionalism...I know I am in good hands."

-January 2019

"Very cost effective, very efficient & very caring."

"Every member of the staff is fantastic."

-December 2018

"The care & attention at Evolve is top-notch."

"They spend time getting to know you...and ensure you understand."

-January 2019

"They are the future of healthcare."

"If you are looking for a new GP, there is no better place to go!"

-May 2019

"This is how healthcare should look and feel."

"The whole experience is amazing. We left feeling happy and well."

-May 2018

"Evolve is such a blessing."

"In today's world of complicated insurance plans, overcrowded medical facilities, Evolve is a breath of fresh air."

-December 2016

"Affordable Health Care at last."

"They helped me get all my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying." 

-August 2015

"This method of health care is amazing."

"The best health care I have ever experienced. My highest recommendations."

-March 2017

"It's Primary Care done how Primary Care is supposed to be done."

"Bottom line -- highly recommend the Evolve practice."

-February 2017

"Just saved me lots of time & money!"

"As an ER nurse myself, I highly recommend Evolve & it's membership plan."

-September 2018

"Beyond my expectations."

"Friendly, open, caring, prompt, knowledgeable and AFFORDABLE!"

-February 2019

"Wow! What a great place."

"Awesome caring medical pros, fast, efficient: changing how care is delivered!"

-May 2018

"Evolve felt more like a spa than a doctor's office."

"Evolve's staff genuinely seemed to care about providing excellent customer service. "

-July 2017

"Absolutely awesome care for entire family!"

"Highly recommend!"

-January 2021

"The BEST places to go for excellent care!"

"Personalized, caring, and thorough. I highly recommend!"

-February 2021

"They make Primary Care very easy."

"Great care, very clean, easy appointments, responsive."

-March 2021

"Absolutely amazing!"

"Everyone at Evolve is incredibly kind and take their time to get to know you.

-March 2021

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