Employers and the Evolve Advantage


Employees benefits of Employer sponsored Evolve Medical Clinics Direct Primary CareEmployer benefits of Evolve Medical Clinics Direct Primary Care

Evolve Medical
is the answer to employers’ rising deductibles and healthcare premiums.


Evolve Medical is a Direct Primary Care, which has a proven track record of lowering employers’ healthcare cost (by 15-40%), improving employee access and providing superior medical care.

Employers Dr. Michael Freedman Evolve Medical Clinics was honored as a Healthcare Innovator by the Baltimore Business Journal in 2015.

Dr. Michael Freedman, Founder and CEO of Evolve Medical Clinics was honored as a Healthcare Innovator by the Baltimore Business Journal in 2015.

Employees are rewarded with a valued benefit: highly personalized concierge-level service, superior providers and unprecedented access and convenience.

Employers are rewarded with increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and improved retention.

How do Employers Save 15-40% of Healthcare Spend?

  • Enhanced and increased access to primary and urgent care services
  • Evolve can manage roughly 80% of employee health needs
  • Emphasis on wellness and keeping employees healthy
  • Cap on primary care costs
  • Employers have the opportunity to reduce healthcare spend with Direct Primary Care

    Study published demonstrating dramatic reduction in healthcare utilization by a Direct Primary Care. Click link to Forbes article, July 2013.

    Decreased number of hospitalizations (35% less)

  • Decreased number of days in hospital (43% less)
  • Decrease in advanced radiology testing (63% less)
  • Decrease in surgeries (82% fewer)
  • Decreased ER visits (65% less)
  • Decreased specialty visits (66% less)
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
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No matter the size of your organization, Evolve Medical is the right choice for your employees — and your bottom line.

Your employees will leave Evolve feeling grateful to their employer for providing high end, concierge-level care and service. 

Employer’s Benefits

  • Evolve Medical Clinics Business Flyer for EmployersTelemedicine benefit
  • Wellness Program
  • Unprecedented access to primary and urgent care
  • Superior concierge-level providers focus on your employees’ health and wellbeing
  • Dramatically improved employee job satisfaction and retention
  • Urgent and Primary care offered in person or via telemedicine
  • No primary or urgent care co-insurance or deductibles. 
  • No restrictions based on age or pre-existing conditions
  • Coordination with your other benefit offerings
  • Specific healthcare utilization, costs and population health outcomes reporting accessible on-line

Your Employee’s Experience

  • Extended weekday and weekend access
  • Same or next-day appointments for urgent care
  • 30-60 minute office visits
  • Telemedicine or in-person visits
  • After hours phone or virtual access to a provider for urgent medical needs
  • Blood drawn onsite at no additional charge
  • Significantly reduced cost of labs and radiology 
  • Phones answered live 
  • Employees have easy, simple access to their provider (phone/email/text)
  • Minimizes out-of-pocket spend prior to deductible

Evolve is excited to offer 2 business solutions:

Evolve Medical as Urgent Care (or as needed care) only:

  • Employer can notify Evolve of impending patient visit via email, text or phone.
  • Employees are guaranteed a same-day visit
  • Employees are guaranteed wait time of less than 30 minutes.
  • Employees will be treated with the highest level of respect and receive highest level of medical care.
  • Employer directly links a bank account or credit card to facilitate, as needed, on-demand payment.
  • Itemized invoice sent to employer after each visit
  • Telemedicine option not available
  • Longitudinal healthcare not available

Evolve Medical as Primary Care:

  • Employer can enroll patients in Evolve’s Primary Care model at $49 per month for employees under 64 and for $59 per month over age 65.
  • Discounted rate for 20 or more employees is 5% monthly cost.
  • Discounted rate for 100 or more employees is 10% monthly cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Work with employers and business leads to Dr. Michael Freedman accepts the award for Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Michael Freedman, Founder and CEO of Evolve Medical Clinics,  accepts the award for Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015  from the Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce.

Q: Is this similar to an on-site or near-site clinic?

A: Evolve Medical Clinics can be installed within your facility, depending on your employee base. For employers any size, Evolve acts as the equivalent of a near-site clinic.

Q: What is the advantage of Evolve over a Telemedicine benefit offering?

A: Telemedicine can handle up to 85% of routine urgent care. For those 15%, they are told to find an urgent care and start over–which employees find very frustrating. With Evolve, we can see your employee to follow up the virtual visit with any necessary testing–they will not need to start over. Further, telemedicine plans do not offer routine primary care via virtual visit–Evolve does.

Q: Are family members eligible?

evolve medical clinics serves annapolis, edgewater, davidsonville, crofton, gambrills, severna park, arnold, glen burnie, pasadena

A: Yes. Spouses, domestic partners and other family members are welcomed. Children ages 6-25 years of age receive a free membership with each parent enrolled.

Q: Is Evolve Medical Clinics an insurance plan?

A: No. We work directly with our patients to provide primary and preventive care services. We do not provide specialist, hospital or emergency care, but can refer patients to providers within their plan network.

Q: Does Evolve Medical pair with insurance plans?

A: Yes. We can vertically integrate with your current benefits packages. Most employers can expect to save 10-40% on their insurance premiums once Evolve is incorporated into their benefits plan.

Q: Do you work with insurance brokers?

A: Evolve has the area’s top insurance architects/brokers available to help you build a benefit offering that saves money and offers your employees a significant perk. Evolve is also happy to work directly with your broker.

Q: How do you help save the employer and the employees financially?

Top rated primary care and urgent care Better health for employersA: Our model of care, Direct Primary Care (DPC) has been proven to dramatically lower healthcare utilization by decreasing ER visits, nearly eliminating urgent care visits, lowering referrals for Radiology and Specialists and decreased surgery and hospitalizations.

Q: Can you help our employees lower their prescription costs?

A: We act as advocates and actively search out not only the least expensive prescription but also the least expensive pharmacy. We even take that a step further and find your employees substantial discounts which can dramatically lower medication costs.

Q: Employees often don’t want to change their Primary Care provider. Do they have to?

A: Absolutely not. They can use Evolve for urgent care or routine prescriptions. Our experience is that after one or two visits within a clean, spa-like facility, no waiting, easy same-day appointments and our compassionate, attentive providers who communicate clearly with patients, they electively switch their primary care to us 85% of the time.

Q: Is Specialty care outside of Evolve Medical Clinics covered?

A: When patients’ health care needs extend beyond the scope of primary care or urgent care, our clinicians will work with outside specialists, pharmacies and hospitals to coordinate care. We work to provide referrals to the top area specialists within your planned network.

Q: How does Evolve handle labs?

A: Evolve Medical will draw your employee’s labs at the time of their visit. Or they can return anytime, without an appointment, to have their labs drawn, free of charge.  Evolve is able to extend a very substantially reduced fee for lab services. For instances, a “CBC” or complete blood count, is only $6. Complete blood chemistry analysis is $8. Urine analysis is free and included. 

Q: What about radiology services?

A: Evolve Medical has worked out discounts at a number of major radiology service providers. Referrals can be either through your employees’ insurance plan or an Employer (or employee) may opt to obtain radiology services through Evolve’s discounted plan. For exam, an MRI normally priced $1,000 is available for only $400, thereby helping reduce pre-deductible spend and/or total healthcare spend for employers. 

Q: When does open enrollment begin?

A: Evolve accepts new patients 365 days per year.

Employers learn more Evolve Medical Clinics Direct Primary Care 

Employers and Evolve Medical Clinics a Direct Primary Care

Evolve Medical Clinics is Maryland’s first Direct Primary Care and highest rated Primary Care and Urgent Care in Annapolis, Edgewater, Davidsonville, Crownsville, Bowie, Crofton, Arnold, Severna Park, and South County.