Evolve DPC Membership Contract

Note: Signing this Membership Agreement may alter your legal rights under Maryland Law. Please read entire document carefully before signing.

Evolve Membership Contract

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"Hands down the best medical care."

“Dr. Freeman, Megan & the whole Evolve team are AWESOME!”

-December 2019

"I love my doctor & ALL the staff."

“Friendly, thorough & make you feel so comfortable.”

January 2019

"Evolve felt more like a spa..."

“The staff genuinely care about providing excellent customer service.”

July 2017

"I leave knowing I am getting the best care possible."

“I always recommend Evolve if you are tired of ‘revolving door’ offices.”

April 2019

"They are the future of healthcare."

“If you are looking for a new GP, there is no better place!”

May 2019

"Saved me lots of time & money!"

“As an ER nurse myself, I highly recommend Evolve & it’s membership plan.”

September 2018

"Beyond Expectations."

“Friendly, open, caring, prompt, knowledgeable and AFFORDABLE!”

–February 2019

"Wow! What a great place."

“Awesome caring medical pros. Changing how care is delivered!”

–May 2018

"Evolve is such a blessing."

“In today’s world of complicated insurance plans, overcrowded medical facilities, Evolve is a breath of fresh air.”

December 2016

"Affordable Health Care at last."

“They helped me get all of my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying.”

August 2015

"I got lab work at a tenth of what I paid at other clinics."

“They helped me get all my prescriptions at a fraction of what I was paying.”

August 2017

"Wow! Where has this place been all my life?!"

“What an amazing experience. I can’t see myself going anywhere else.”

April 2019

"I love the virtual appointments"

“Super convenient. I’m so appreciative…taking the time to listen and actually give me answers.”

February 2019

"You never feel rushed."

“Extremely thorough, very patient. Evolve is truly a godsend.”

February 2019

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