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Faster. Easier. Smarter.


Evolve Direct members pay as little as $59 per month!


Kids age 6 – 17 are only $19 per month.*


Kids ages 18 – 25 are only $29 per month.*


*With any parent that joins.
Evolve DPC Membership
Evolve Direct Primary Care covered services


No Surprise Billing!


Almost all of your Primary Care and Urgent Care needs are FREE at Evolve!


*Cancel at anytime sooner than 6 months if you prefer.
Evolve can convert any utilized services to the regular
urgent care rate. The fee will be the least expensive option.

For those rare times you need a Primary Care or Urgent Care procedure,

Evolve Members never pay more than $50 for any procedure we offer. 

Joint injections, sutures, skin biopsy, wart removal, skin tags — anything we do will be $50 or less!


Most services are just $25!

Evolve DPC discounted services
Evolve Medications On-site


Member Access to On-Site Medications


Waiting at a pharmacy when you are sick is a pain.

That’s why we carry a number of urgent medications — so Evolve members can save time, money and the hassle!


If you have a virtual visit, swing by afterward and we’ll run the medication out to your car!

How Does Evolve Direct Save Me Money?

Discounted Labs

Save up to 85%

Read this member’s personal story. He saved over $3,000 healthcare costs in just 3 months.

“I needed an MRI but I was told it would be $1,500.  Since my deductible is $3,000, it meant I’d have to pay the whole thing.  Dr. Freedman called the Radiologist and he decided the MRI wasn’t necessary after all. Even if it was, Evolve has a discount and I would have only paid $400. Instead I paid ZERO!

Then when I went to get my prescriptions, CVS told me it was over $2,000 for just 4 meds. What?

I texted Evolve. Less than 30 minutes later I got a text back sending me to a different pharmacy, and they sent a coupon to my phone! Bringing the total price down to under $80.

I feel very blessed and fortunate to have someone now that is there for me, available and will actually advocate for me. Thank you Evolve!”

Save on Radiology

*Pricing according to MDGave.com. Healthcare Bluebook Guru.com and CMSgov.

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