Evolve Medical highest rated primary care and urgent care serving Annapolis, Edgewater, Crownsville, Davidsonville, Eastport, Hillsmere, Bay Ridge, Gambrills, Crofton, Bowie, Arnold, Severna ParkHistory of Why We Evolve’d

Evolve Medical Clinics history begins in late 2012, though it wasn’t for another year and half until 2014 when Evolve finally opened it’s doors.

Evolve’s founder, Dr. Michael Freedman, had 15 years of experience as an Internal Medicine Specialist. He had trained at all the top institutions in the country and had extensive experience practicing outpatient clinical medicine, inpatient hospital medicine as well as over 10 years experience as a Practice Administrator for a large multi-specialty group. 

Dr. Freedman also developed and ran one of the nations busiest free clinics, in

Dr. Michael Freedman of Evolve Medical Clinics Annapolis, Maryland

George H.W. Bush awarding Freedman’s clinic the 807th Daily Point of Light

downtown Annapolis, for many years, arranging for over 6,000 patient visits per year at ZERO cost to the patients. 

Ironically, it was the observation of just how much easier, safer and faster the practice of primary and urgent care worked at the free clinic relative to his own private clinic. In fact, he felt the free clinic patients were often getting even better care because he had more time to
devote to each patient. And the staff had more time and resources to spend helping patients get their appointments, finding them discounted medications and following up with them. 

Dr. Michael Freedman of Evolve Medical Clinics in Annapolis, Maryland

Dr. Freedman had been ranked a “Top Doc” for the previous 6 years, as voted on by his peers at Anne Arundel Medical Center, prior to leaving his previous practice in 2012.

Dr. Freedman Stops and Rethinks Primary Care

In 2012, Dr. Freedman took a sabbatical from practicing medicine the way he had done for 15 years and began to consider alternatives to what has become a cold, impersonal, insurance-driven conveyor belt style of primary and urgent care. Doctors are burnt out. Patients are frustrated with long waits, crowded waiting rooms and rushed visits. Only to be seen by burnt out, exhausted doctors, who spend the 6-10 minute visit with their heads buried in their laptops. 

Dr. Freedman concluded that the only way to build a truly world-class, peak-performing primary or urgent care clinic would be to start from scratch. And no matter how many ways the design of this new clinic was dissected out, it became perfectly clear that insurance company mandates and pressure was just simply not compatible with providing high-end, patient-oriented and patient-friendly medical care. 

Primary Care Is 85% of All the Medical Care We Need (for most of us)

When he began doing the research, he found that although 85% of all medical care the average person gets each year is primary care or urgent care, only a tiny percentage of a patient’s insurance premiums go toward this 85%. 

Dr. Freedman realized that for as little as $49 per month, he could provide all the primary care and urgent care someone might need. Then they only would need castrophic insurance coverage if something terrible should happen–kind of what insurance is like for home, auto and everything else.

In other words, he’d cover all the routine day to day stuff but the patient would have a true

Employers Dr. Michael Freedman Evolve Medical Clinics was honored as a Healthcare Innovator by the Baltimore Business Journal in 2015.

Dr. Freeman and Evolve Medical Clinics were honored as a Healthcare Innovator by the Baltimore Business Journal in 2015.

insurance plan that just covered them in the rare event that something should happen. The patient would save a ton of money and Dr. Freedman could focus on what he loved to do the most–practice medicine, one on one, without the interference of any 3rd parties. 

At the same time, unknown to many including Dr. Freedman, a small but growing movement was emerging called “Direct Primary Care,” which had, at it’s central core philosophy, many of the same beliefs Dr. Freedman had had. 

With that philosophy, Evolve was founded as the first Direct Primary Care in Maryland.

Michael Freedman, MD is one of the highest rated Primary Care doctors in Annapolis, Maryland


Evolve’s Founding Principles

Evolve was founded with a focus on:

  • Providing the time necessary for providers and patients to effectively manage health problems. 
  • Superior providers providing superior care. 
  • Great communication is critical to good care.
  • Highly individualized and personalized care.
  • Easy access to providers and staff (technology allows for virtual visits, email, text, live phone support, same day appointments).
  • Wait times less than 30 minutes. In general, being much more respectful of people’s time. 

Instead of paying for these expenses unexpectedly, members simply pay a monthly membership of $49/month. For our patients over 65, the rate is $59/month.

Direct Primary Care 

This model of care is called Direct Primary Care and has been featured in numerous articles such as Time Magazine, the New York Times, Forbes and hundreds of other sources as consumers (patients) are taking control of their healthcare back from insurance companies and the government.

Dr. Freedman now sits on the national board for Direct Primary Care and is a nationally recognized leader in DPC. Click to see all off the DPC national leadership working with Dr. Freedman. 


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