Annapolis Doctors Launch New Medical App

Annapolis Doctors Launch New Medical App

Annapolis Doctors Develop App

Annapolis doctors have developed an app that is designed to offer patients dramatically improved access to their provider, their chart and important medical information. In March 2015, Evolve Direct Primary Care released version 1.0 of their app on both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play.

“The App was designed to allow patients who are on the go the ability to easily schedule an appointment from their mobile phone, find cheaper prescriptions while at the pharmacy or call/email or text their provider without having to always look up the number or website,” states Dr. Michael Freedman of Evolve Direct Primary Care.

The app also a great resource for answers to common medical questions. Dr. Freedman adds, “So many patients

Evil Dr. Google

Evil Dr. Google

were coming in, panicked about what the evil ‘Dr. Google’ had diagnosed that we felt a concise list of the best medical websites would really help allay people’s fears and provide them with reliable, accurate and easy to read medical information. In the past, we had this information on our website but now, most people are googling this stuff on their phone or away from a desk. Information is only useful if it is accessible.”

The Evolve Medical App provides a list of well-vetted, highly regarded websites such as Harvard’s and and Mayo Clinic’s website. Freedman states that he scoured the internet and, in particular, sites that review the reliability and legitimacy of sites to compile this list.

They also have a link for “How to evaluate if medical information on the web is reliable,” which is an excellent resource provided by the FDA listing some very basic things to look for when assessing the medical information one finds on the internet.

Aside from the ground-breaking convenience of being able to schedule an appointment, review your medical records or directly contact the office–all from one App–Dr. Freedman adds, “The prescription tool is tremendously important. We had a patient who recently needed to pick up 3 medications. At CVS, these meds were over $2,000. He used the tool and was able to find the identical meds at a Walmart for less than $200. That’s $1,800+ in his pocket just from this App.” The prescription tool Evolve Medical uses primarily is GoodRx, a great resource.

Q: “Why not just download the GoodRx App and all the others?” Projects_goodrx_pandora

A: Dr. Freedman replied, “You absolutely can! The only problem is once you are done downloading that one, then you get Mayo Clinics and then other 15 we link to and you have your whole smart phone screen filled up. We just like one launch point. And a launch point from which you know you are getting well evaluated, highly reliable information. We monitor these sites and reports in the media. If something should suggest that one is less reliable or something else comes along that is better, we do the updating and tracking so you don’t have to.”

Q: “Why is Evolve Direct Primary Care investing in producing an App?”

A: Dr. Freedman, “As an Annapolis Internal Medicine doctor, I believe that good medical care needs to be more than just a

Michael Freedman, MD Annapolis Internal Medicine Physician Aims to Improve Primary Care Access and Service

Michael Freedman, MD
Annapolis Internal Medicine Physician Aims to Improve Primary Care Access and Service

rushed visit a few times per year. As an Annapolis doctor, I really love this city and I my patients and my area to be at the forefront and receiving what I feel is the best medical care possible. This includes quick and easy access to their provider, reliable information on their diagnosis and treatment and also needs to include ways to save them money since more of us are being burdened with the cost of our care.”

Q: “What is Evolve’s next innovation?”

A: Dr. Freedman, “We really want to make virtual visits available with your own personal doctor right from your phone.”

Q: “Doesn’t that technology already exist?”

A: Dr. Freedman, “Yes and no. You can reach ‘a’ doctor but you can’t reach ‘your’ doctor. And if ‘a’ doctor doesn’t know what to do, at the end of that virtual visit, they refund you and tell you to start over by finding an urgent care or ER. We want to speak to our own patients and if we can’t solve the problem in a virtual visit, then we can have them just pop by for a quick test. They don’t have to start from scratch.”

Q: “How much is the App?”

A: Dr. Freedman, “Free. We view it as part of trying to provide the highest possible level of service to our patients.”


To learn more about Evolve Direct Primary Care, how they work, who they are and what they do, click this link. 


Evolve Medical provides a vastly superior service with superior providers.

Evolve Medical provides a vastly superior service with superior providers.

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