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Bronze and Silver-Plan Patients Who Struggle To Pay High Out of Pocket Expenses


An Annapolis Primary Care helps Bronze and Silver-Plan Patients Who Struggle To Pay High Out of Pocket Expenses

Primary care Bronze and Silver-Plan patients are reporting that they struggle to pay out of pocket costs. The problem has become so prevalent that some providers are urging patients to select health plans with more extensive coverage after finding that many patients can not afford the out-of-pocket costs that come with high-deductible plans.  But not every patient wants or is able to pay the higher premiums necessary to move from Bronze to Silver or Gold. The solution, many are beginning to see, is more reasonably priced Primary Care.

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Evolve Direct Primary Care is an Annapolis Primary Care office providing Direct Primary Care

An Annapolis primary care office called Evolve Direct Primary Care has not only dramatically lowered the out of pocket costs for their services but even has negotiated discounts for a number of frequently used primary care services such as stress tests, heart ultrasound, labs, MRIs and other radiology. In fact, they offer a set monthly price for all primary care and urgent care which allows patients to budget out their expenses and avoid unpleasant surprises sporadically over the year.

The type of primary care at Evolve Direct Primary Care has come to be known as Direct Primary Care, which is gaining in popularity in other parts of the country, though adoption on the East Coast seems quite limited thus far. Besides for helping patients save out of pocket expense, Direct Primary Cares also is treating patients better, from both a customer service side and from clinical care aspect. In fact, Direct Primary Care has Net Promoter Scores better than Apple AAPL +1.32% or Google GOOG +2.13%, per a July 2013 Forbes article by David Chase. This is truly amazing given that, according to the same article, “No industry has a lower Net Promoter Score than the Health Insurance industry. Not cable companies. Not airlines.”

Worth repeatingOn the clinical side, there are a number of studies showing dramatically improved clinical results. For instance, the often quoted British Medical Journal article reviewing DPC in Washington State showed, “35% fewer hospitalizations, 65% fewer emergency department visits, 66% fewer specialist visits, and 82% fewer surgeries than similar populations.” Another study in the American Journal of Managed Care demonstrated that “patients experienced 56% fewer non-elective admissions, 49% fewer avoidable admissions, and 63% fewer non-avoidable admissions than patients of traditional practices. Additionally, members “were readmitted 97%, 95%, and 91% less frequently for acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and pneumonia, respectively.” Wow!

To summarize, it would appear that some providers are encouraging patients to enroll in more expensive silver or gold plans just so that patients are able to pay these providers. In this article we reviewed a Primary Care office in Annapolis, Maryland that is providing Direct Primary Care to a growing cadre of remarkably enthusiastic and happy patients–while saving them both out of pocket cost and the cost of higher metal insurance plans.

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