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Evolve, verb – e-volv- to change or develop into a better or more advanced state.

Game changing walk in clinic providing high quality primary and urgent care medical service to Annapolis area communities. Conveniently located on Forest Drive providing easy access to Annapolis area communities including, Eastport, West Annapolis, Murray Hill, Arundel on the Bay, Annapolis Landing, Black Walnut Cove, Bay Ridge, Hillsmere, Chesapeake Harbor, Annapolis Historic District, Downtown Annapolis, Admiral Heights, Pendennis Mount, Edgewater, Crownsville and Arnold.


Your Doctor’s Office, Reinvented

Responsive, Accessible and Affordable

At Evolve Medical Clinic, we believe you deserve convenient and quick access to first-class care, from anywhere. Evolve is your Doctor’s Office, reinvented. No more long waits, endless paperwork and confusing bills. When you need care, we’re here.

What is Evolve Medical Clinic?

Evolve is a direct pay primary and urgent care practice that is membership-based. By removing the middleman (insurance companies), we can offer you a more affordable and convenient primary and urgent care practice. For less than the cost of your gym membership each month, you’ll get:

–       $25 visits, in person or virtual for both primary and urgent care.

–       We guarantee wait times will always be 30 minutes or less and that urgent appointments will be scheduled within 24 hours- or that visit is FREE.

–       Contact your provider anywhere in the world- email or text- you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

–       Online patient portal with complete medical record access and easy appointment scheduling.

–       When you need it, referrals to hand-selected, top specialists in the local area.

EMC, Insurance & Me: How does it work?

As an EMC member, you will still use your insurance for specialists, ER, hospitals and labs/imaging. You may be able to sign up for a plan with a higher deductible and still save money as an EMC member because you will only be paying $35/month + $25/visit for all of your primary and urgent care needs. You may also be able to use HSA or Flex spending accounts to cover your EMC costs. At EMC, your fees go directly to patient care and staffing an office to meet your needs, virtual and in-person- not paying insurance middlemen! Contact us to discuss further.

The Founders of Evolve Medical Clinic believe patients deserve a much higher level of service and convenience- and EMC’s innovative direct pay model supports happy and healthy patients, providers and staff!

If you are ready for a change from long waits, grumpy staff and rushed providers, come EVOLVE with us. To enroll as a member and/or learn more, contact us today or sign up online.

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