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Conditions Appropriate for Virtual Urgent Care

at Evolve Direct Primary Care

Evolve Direct Primary Care belongs to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), which has compiled a specific set of guidelines. The process of establishing these guidelines followed a rigorous process of evidence review and expert assessment of more than 600 studies regarding the practice of telemedicine in primary and urgent care. A complete PDF of the guidelines can be found here. 

In addition, our founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Freedman, has attended ATA conferences and constantly keeps up with statements and guidelines issued by organizations such as the ATA, the American Association of Family Practitioners, American Society of Internal Medicine and the American Medical Associations in an ongoing effort to be sure that Evolve Direct Primary Care is managing and treating only the conditions that are deemed appropriate for virtual urgent care. 

Conditions Treated Via Virtual Urgent Care at Evolve Direct Primary Care: 


  • Flu and flu-like illnesses
  • Fever, Cough & Colds
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Sore Throat
  • Sinus Infection
  • Headache
  • Rashes
  • Pink Eye
  • Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Bladder Infection in Adult Women
  • Bites & Stings
  • Minor Injuries

In addition to treating the above urgent care or immediate care conditions virtually, Evolve Direct Primary Care also can comfortably treat a number of Primary Care conditions without an in-person visit. Unlike non-membership, insurance-based models, our providers income is not based on the number of patients seen. Therefore, we are happy to manage your care in what ever way is most convenient for you. 

Conditions Treated by Virtual Primary Care

  • High blood pressure (assuming you have had your BP cuff calibrated)
  • Hypothyroid (we can arrange for your labs to be done ahead of time)
  • High cholesterol (we can arrange for your labs to be done ahead of time)
  • Diabetes
  • Certain mental health conditions such as anxiety and mild to moderate depression

Evolve Medical is happy to work with their patients to design treatment plans that work most conveniently for them. If you have any questions regarding a specific diagnosis or condition that you do not see listed above, you are encouraged to email them: 

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