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Healthcare Should Be User Friendly

The new source for convenience, value and quality in everyday healthcare Annapolis is coming soon.

Evolve Direct Primary Care (EMC) is accepting new patients. EMC is noticeably differently than most medical offices in the following ways:

  1. Virtual visits for both primary care and urgent care, when appropriate.
  2. Wait times 30 minutes or less or your visit is FREE.
  3. Urgent visits will be available within 24 hours or your next visit is FREE.
  4. Email access with less than 24 hour response time or your next visit is FREE.
  5. Your provider is available even when you are out of town (phone, email or text)
  6. Texting: Check on wait times, schedule, or even ask a quick question
  7. Referrals will be to those we feel are the best of the best: Imagine you have a family friend who is a doctor and knows just who to send you to.
  8. We can draw your blood and run your lab tests for less (or if insurance will pay, we can send to your insured lab—whichever is less expensive for you).
  9. Use your health insurance for all in-network services including specialists, hospitals, and health care facilities.

For a long time, the founders of EMC have wanted to bring a much higher level of service, clinical excellence and patient convenience to primary and urgent care but the limitation has always been insurers and the government.

EMC does not take any insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Instead, we charge a small monthly fee of $35 and then just $25 for a visit whether virtual or in-person. There is no charge for texts, emails or calls and because we don’t have to drag you in to pay for our overhead for every little problem, we can take care of a lot of things without you having to come in.

You may find that some insurers will even reimburse you for your visits. And those with flex spending accounts or HSAs may be able to use those funds toward our services. Even more importantly, when you sign up for your health insurance, you may choose a plan a higher deductible and save money. For example:

Health insurance plans:

Choice “A”:           $650/month with no deductible

Choice “B”:           $400/month with higher deductible

If you go to the doctor once or twice per month, or you see a lot of Specialists or spend a lot of time in the hospital, choice “A” is probably best for you.

If you mostly just see your Primary Care doctor or need urgent care visits, then choice “B” might make a lot more sense. It’s easy to see that adding $35 + $400 is a lot cheaper than $650/month!

In the end, though, we think what it comes down to is whether you are happy with your current doctor’s office. If you are finding long waits, grumpy staff and a rushed provider and you are ready for happy, friendly staff with vastly improved convenience, use of up to date technology and providers with the philosophy that YOU, the patient, deserve respect, then everyday healthcare from Evolve Direct Primary Care is right for you.

The question only each of us can answer is “What is your time worth to you?


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