Primary and Urgent care in Annapolis, MD

Evolve Medical Clinics Opens First Next Generation Primary and Urgent Care in Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, MD– Annapolis has a new way to get its Primary and Urgent care. Evolve Medical Clinics has made a game-changing redesign that has their community excited.

The core components of Evolve Next Generation care include:

  • Modern, clean, thoughtful design
  • A hospitality culture focused on service: Virtual visits, guaranteed on-time visits, same-day appointments, and reliable follow-up
  • Strong emphasis on skilled, friendly staff and providers
  • Membership model designed to eliminate unnecessary hassles and rewards convenience and good healthcare using all available technology
  • Low cost at only $1.15/day and $25/visit offers anyone with a deductible or co-insurance the possibility of lowering their healthcare costs
  • Online and mobile convenience such as appointment scheduling, Rx renewals, clinical triage and personal data management (personal health record including all provider notes, prescription/allergies, lab data)
  • Team-oriented, evidence-based, cost-effective care including the use of physician extenders

Virtual care is set to revolutionize visits to the doctor’s office as we know it. Some estimates state that as many as 70% of all primary and urgent care visits can be conducted virtually.

“Imagine not having to leave your office or home for a throat infection, cough or even follow up on your blood pressure or

Michael R. Freedman, MD

Michael R. Freedman, MD Founder and CEO Evolve Medical Clinics

cholesterol,” CEO and Founder Michael R. Freedman, MD said. “Doctor’s offices bring patients in because it is the only way they can get paid for their services. Evolve Medical Clinics is the next generation of primary and urgent care,” Freedman emphasized, “We believe it is about time that primary and urgent care became comprehensive, convenient and customer-oriented. For too long, doctor’s offices—and urgent care facilities—have left their patients frustrated with long waits, poor continuity, practically non-existent pre and post-visit communication and little to no record of their visit. At Evolve, we are designed, from the ground up, to provide not just good but amazing urgent and primary care.”

As a membership model, the goal of Evolve Medical is to not have the patient come in as often as possible but rather just to provide the best possible care in the most convenient manner. “If a patient’s problem can be solved with an email, text or phone call, we’ll do it in the way that is easiest for the patient” remarked

Nurse Practitioner

Kastle Donovan, EMC Nurse Practitioner

Kastle Donovan, one of their providers. She added, “If we still aren’t sure after the virtual visit, we may ask someone to swing by and drop off a urine or have a quick throat swab. But in that case, they have already been evaluated and usually they are in and out in 5 minutes.” There is even a separate entrance for this “Virtual Drive Thru”.

Evolve differs from on-line virtual care which is inherently impersonal and entirely virtual, sometimes leaving patients no point of contact should they need local care and/or follow up. With the Evolve model, you are texting, emailing or virtually visiting the same providers you see in-person regularly.

Membership also comes with an app, accessible from a smart phone, that allows patients complete access to their entire medical record—anywhere and anytime. In addition to accessing basic information, patients will have access to provider notes, labs, x-rays and other information. Evolve feels that allowing patients full access to their provider’s notes increases patient safety, promotes involvement, provides education and allows each patient to share with their medical chart with others including specialists if they so desire. Another unique benefit Evolve offers its members is a guaranteed wait time of 30 minutes or less for all scheduled visits.

Unlike traditional concierge medicine where cost of membership can run from $1,500 to up to $10,000 per month, Evolve has developed an affordable solution that is just $35/month ($1.15/day) and only $25/visit. Children of members (ages 12-25 years old) qualify for a free membership with their parent’s membership. Evolve is also happy to see non-members for $105 per visit, which is comparable in pricing to retail clinics. Hope Pennestri, another one of the EMC’s providers states, “We would like

Nurse Practitioner and Provider

Hope Pennestri, EMC Provider: Nurse Practitioner

patients to feel as though they are visiting a trusted friend when they come to us for care. We are a cohesive team and the quality of our practice reflects that.”

Evolve Medical Clinics provides the following medical care:

Primary care
Evolve provides preventative and primary medical services to their patients though patients can use the facility just for immediate care if the prefer.

Urgent Care
Evolve provides treatment for routine injuries and illness. They offer convenient times, skilled, friendly providers who are particularly knowledgeable and a setting that is more similar to a coffee house than an Emergency room or urgent care. Services offered include care for colds and flu, minor burns, rashes, sprains, minor fractures, lacerations, allergic reactions, sinus and ear infections, pneumonia and sports injuries.

Travel Medicine
Evolve is able to offer a full range of complete vaccinations and travel consult for anyone traveling abroad. Evolve is also authorized to administer Yellow Fever vaccine.

Women’s Health
Evolve providers have a strong interest in providing superior women’s health including regular screenings, appropriate vaccinations and counseling.

Department of Transportation Physicals
DOT physicals now require providers to have passed rigorous testing qualifications. Evolve has providers able to perform DOT physicals with little notice.

Student Health/Sports Physicals
Evolve offers sports physicals at a reduced rate. In addition, if the student is aged 12-25, they are entitled to a free membership if their parent has signed up.

Located at 509 South Cherry Grove, Annapolis, MD, Evolve Medical Clinics looks to serve residents of Annapolis. Located less than 2 miles from the intersection of US 50 and 97, just off Aris T. Allen, EMC is well situated to provide care for residents of Annapolis, Davidsonville, Edgewater and most of Anne Arundel county.

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