What sets Evolve Direct Primary Care apart from other urgent care facilities in the area?

EMC's primary and urgent care waiting room

Evolve Direct Primary Care waiting room

Since every patient’s health care needs are unique, the features that distinguish Evolve Direct Primary Care from the other walk-ins and urgent care centers locally should each be considered from your own perspective. This will help you determine how Evolve can fit into your life, whether from a primary care need, an intermediate care need, or both.

  • Evolve offers same-day sick visits with a wait time of less than 30 minutes for members, or your visit is free. No other walk-in clinic can guarantee such a short wait time.
  • Evolve members are entitled to $25 same day sick visits and routine visits as well. While there are some procedures and medical equipment that may cost additional fees, our rates are significantly less than the “blue book value” assigned to these procedures/items. (link here to blue book values vs our values )
  • Evolve offers members free texts, emails, and phone calls to your provider. As a member, you are also able to do a $25 “virtual visit” with your provider for certain chief complaints. If you still need to be seen in person after this virtual visit, your in-person visit is free.

Why don’t you participate with insurance?

Evolve does not participate directly with insurance. By eliminating the “middle man”, we are able to dramatically reduce cost passed on to the patient while continuing to provide exceptional care and increase the amount of time our providers spend face to face with our patients. Additionally, if you would like to submit a claim to your private insurance company, we can provide you with a line item detailed cost breakdown for you to submit for possible reimbursement.

What are your hours?

-We are open Monday through Friday, 8am until 7pm, and Saturdays from 9am until 5pm. Should you have a need for a visit off-hours, it’s possible that you could be accommodated through a virtual visit. We will be available on all major and minor holidays. We are closed Sundays.

Is Evolve a concierge practice?

We don’t describe ourselves as a concierge practice, although Dr. Freedman is accepting a small panel of concierge patients who would like full access to their doctor, 24/7/365.

Evolve Direct Primary Care can best be described as a direct pay membership clinic which accommodates same day sick and intermediate care visits and provides primary care to members, all for the cost of a weekly latte, or a basic gym membership. For the price of $35/month and $25 visits (virtually, or in person) members have access to their provider same day, scheduled, or via text, email and phone. As a member, you will never have to wait more than 30 minutes to see your provider. This offers the convenience, innovation, and accessibility of a “concierge” practice without the high price tag.

How does it work with labs, radiology, and referrals to specialists?

Regarding referrals to specialists, imaging, or labs, there is no difference between getting a referral from the doctors or NP’s at Evolve than from any other primary care office. If you need a referral to a specialist you will receive one from our providers, and you would then use your insurance plan however it handles specialist visits. This applies to referrals for lab work and radiology as well. In some cases, however, your lab work can be done in-house at Evolve for 75% less than you would pay going to a commercial lab.

In many cases, lab work done here at Evolve as well as your $25 visit cost can be submitted as a claim to your private insurance company for possible reimbursement. If you do get reimbursed, these costs could be counted towards your deductible. This also applies to durable medical equipment (splints, slings, crutches, etc).


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