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Johns Hopkins opened a new practice based on Evolve Medical’s Direct Primary Care model.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a rapidly growing movement, started by regular people who were fed up with not being able to talk to their doctor when they needed him or her, waiting for ever to be seen and feeling like they were just a number in a factory line.   

better health better primary care direct primary careDr. Michael Freedman, who founded Evolve in 2013 said, “We are so excited to see one of the nation’s leading universities recognizing the ground-breaking benefit of DPC.

“People really deserve better — and less expensive–care and we are thrilled to seeing established institutions joining us in this fight.”

Johns Hopkins Direct Primary Care

According to Hopkins, “Direct Primary Care offers longer in-person appointment times, same-day appointments and extended office hours. Members can also connect with a Direct Primary Care provider through video visits, virtual consultations” as well as email and phone.

The Hopkins DPC clinic opened January 1, 2019 and is located in Howard County. Currently, only employees of the Johns Hopkins Health System will have access. 

“People really deserve better — and less expensive–care and we are thrilled to seeing established institutions joining us in this fight.”Michael Freedman, MD of Evolve Direct Primary Care

What Is Direct Primary Care?

DPC is an entirely new approach to primary care and many experts feel it is the best way to fix America’s broken health system.

Dr. Freedman states, “If you can’t see or talk to your doctor, when you need him or her, what is the purpose?! The whole system really breaks down when you don’t have someone to guide you when you need it.”

DPC allows busy people to access their providers by phone, email, text or virtual visits. If an in-person visit is needed, people have options with extended office hours and minimal wait times. 

Evolve Direct Primary Care Annapolis Maryland lab pricing

Sampling of some lab prices at Evolve showing discounts for members.

Happier Patients & Lower Costs

Direct Primary Care dramatically lowers the health costs for most people by offering steep discounts on medications, radiology and lab testing. In fact, savings can be more than 90% less than what you’d pay even going through insurance. 

Smart, progressive businesses and insurance brokers are already signing up employees because they can provide an amazing benefit/perk while, at the same time, lowering their health insurance premium by 15% or more. 

Some DPC offices also have medications available on-site to save additional time. At Evolve, nearly all antibiotics are completely free when you need them.

“Imagine if you can just text your doctor a picture of your rash, or that bug bite or a quick question and be done with it,” adds Dr. Freedman. “Primary Care needs to be easy, and modern, like the rest of the world. Texts, emails, instant on-line chat–whatever makes it easier for people to get the care they need.”

Why DPC Works

Evolve Direct Primary Care antibiotic list

List of the antibiotics and medications offered at Evolve free of charge.

Doctors are always so rushed. As a result, they end referring more patients to specialists mainly because they don’t have time to address the issues.  People then take off more time, sit in more waiting rooms and end up with more tests from the specialists when all they may have needed was 3-5 more minutes of their doctor’s time. 

Direct Primary Care decreases all the following:

  • 35% fewer hospitalizations
  • 65% fewer ER visits
  • 66% fewer specialist visits
  • 82% fewer surgeries
 -Source: British Medical Journal, 2013

Maryland’s First Direct Primary Care: Evolve

Evolve Direct Primary Care opened in 2014. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, Evolve has helped pioneer the DPC model.

Michael Freedman MD of Evolve Direct Primary Care in Annapolis Maryland

Michael Freedman MD of Evolve Direct Primary Care in Annapolis Maryland.

Dr. Freedman, who has helped lead the nation with his involvement on the steering committee for the Direct Primary Care Coalition located in Washington DC. Dr. Freedman has met with staff for Maryland Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen as well as Congressmen Sarbanes and others. He has also worked with Maryland State Senators and Congressmen and looking forward to testifying at a Maryland House of Delegates hearing this month on Direct Primary Care legislation. 

A quick review of the Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews prove that people absolutely love Evolve. “And it’s affordable for anyone,” according to J.M., a patient at Evolve. “I have insurance but even after the monthly membership I still save every year.” 

Evolve Direct Primary Care review Jan 2019For more information about Evolve Direct Primary Care, click here!   Same day scheduling on-line here or call 844-322-4222. Or email them at

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