Medicare and Evolve: How it works

Medicare and Evolve: How Does It Work?

One question we hear at Evolve Medical is “Can I come to Evolve if I have Medicare?” and “How does it work?”

Fortunately, the answer could not be any more simple.

You can absolutely come to Evolve with Medicare and it works basically the same way as your current doctor’s unnamedoffice.

If you need labs, medicines, referrals, specialists—all those things just go through Medicare just like usual. The only difference is Evolve doesn’t bill Medicare for anything–ever.

Instead, you just pay the monthly membership rate after which there is essentially no charges from our office. The main exception is a State mandated $25 copay at each visit. For a complete list of our fees, please see below. 

Why are doctors so rushed–and why won’t they call me back?

dr_officeHave you ever wondered why your doctor won’t call you–or email, text, or do virtual visits? Why can’t your doctor spend the time you need?  Why is your doctor so overbooked and rushed?  The way Medicare pays doctors means that they spend about 6-10 minutes per patient–and need to see 30 people every day, one after another after another. 

Medicare’s new rules mean doctors spend most of their time “charting” your visit and checking off boxes instead of focusing on you. That is why they often don’t look up from their computer. 

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What is the advantage of joining Evolve Medical for someone with Medicare?

Evolve Medical allows you to get everything you are currently getting PLUS what Medicare doesn’t pay. 

Benefits of Evolve for Medicare:Old Way New Way Evolve

  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Longer appointment times (30 minutes or more)
  • Guaranteed wait time less than 30 minutes (usually less than 5 minutes)
  • Easy access to your provider with guaranteed return calls/emails same day
  • Phones answered by a live person
  • Extended hours: Monday to Friday 8am-7pm and Saturdays 9-5pm
  • Focus on you and great care–not insurance/Medicare check lists
  • Assistance with specialists–and less unnecessary referrals/care
  • Assistance with cost of medications–we help you find lower prices
  • Virtual visits (Telemedicine)
  • Free annual physical/wellness exams

We realize that who provides you your healthcare is an extremely important decision. If you still have questions, Dr. Freedman and his staff are more than happy to speak with you by phone (844-322-4222), email ( or in-person. 

To sign up, please visit our website: 

Evolve Direct Primary Care: Annapolis' Highest Rated Primary and Urgent Care

Evolve Direct Primary Care 2016 fee schedule reflects many new free services

Here is what people are saying about Evolve Direct Primary Care:

“What great service! I would highly recommend Evolve to anyone requiring medical care in the Annapolis area.”

“Beyond reasonable costs and very professional service and atmosphere!”

“One of the first times in years I felt as if my doctor cared about me as an individual.”

“Fantastic clinic! … made extra effort to ensure that I received the best care and medicine.”

“…I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the future.“

“I am so thrilled with Evolve!…”

“… I agree you are in amazing hands once you get there!”

“…the doctor actually take the time to listen!”

“…Dr Freedman was very conscientious, kind and knowledgeable.”

“Unparalleled bedside manner.”

“This is the BEST primary care in Annapolis. Fantastic!!!”

“OMG the best medical care I have ever gotten.”

“I almost can’t wait to go back. A+”

“Love this place! So easy, convenient and clean!”

“Evolve Medical Clinic is hands-down THE BEST clinic or doctor’s office I’ve ever been to. If I’m not feeling right, I go to Evolve first.”

“Healing atmosphere, Healing staff, Healing Follow-up!”

“These guys are amazing.”

“the best experience I’ve had with a doctor.”

So much better than any urgent care in Annapolis

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