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Urgent Care in Annapolis: Evolve Medical Clinics Highest Rated

A recent review of urgent care facilities in Annapolis, Maryland has found Evolve Medical Clinics to be the highest rated urgent care. The review primarily focused on patient’s impressions of the urgent care, as evidenced on reviews found on Google, Yelp, FacebookChesapeakefamily.com, Practice Fusion, as well as other local and national websites. Factors taken into account included total number of reviews, total “stars” average as well as specific positive and negative reviews.

The urgent care websites were also evaluated for ease of use as well as availability of on-line scheduling, pricing transparency and depth of information available. Evolve’s incorporation of telemedicine (virtual healthcare) as well as their proprietary app found on Apple’s App Store and Google Play help their patients communicate in a manner that is faster and more convenient. The App also helps their patients find medications at a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere.

Lastly, commitment to their local community, in this case Annapolis, Anne Arundel county and Maryland as a whole was viewed in terms of public education, support of charities and public service events as well as involvement in pro-public healthcare related policy.


The reviews for Evolve Medical Clinics were astounding. Evolve’s Net Promotor Score (NPS) approaches 99, well above leaders such as Google and Apple, and miles away from the health industry’s closest competitors (such as Kaiser, NPS: 35). Although high Net Promotor Scores are found commonly with Direct Primary Care practices, the sheer volume of tallied positive reviews (particularly for a one year period) sets Evolve apart even from other DPCs. Likewise, the nearly fanatical luminosity of these reviews–suggest that whatever Evolve is doing, they are doing it right. We were only able to locate one negative review from a patient upset that she hadn’t received antibiotics for her viral illness.Three representative reviews are included below. At the bottom of this article we have also included several more reviews from the most reliable review websites, categorized by their source.

“Finally a doctor who takes the time to find a reason and a solution to the problem!…If only this was the way medical care was everywhere we would all be healthier and happier. What an amazing standard to set for the all practices, not just urgent care.” –NL, 07/22/15 (Yelp)
“Fantastic clinic! I first found out about this clinic by browsing through reviews and was impressed by how they were consistently well rated. I decided to give them a try and was beyond impressed! The staff is very friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable and when I had issues with my insurance company they made extra effort to ensure that I received the best care and medicine. It’s easy to get an appointment and little to no wait time. The waiting room is also beautiful, looking more like an art gallery instead of the typical boring and impersonal rooms of most clinics and hospitals.” –AI, 07/15 (Google Reviews)
“Finding this clinic was literally a God send! Affordable Health Care at last. I’m sending all my self employed friends there. Doctor Freeman helped me get all my script at a fraction of what I was paying and lab work at a tenth of what I paid for at other clinics.” –(withheld) (Facebook)

Social Media

Breast Cancer Awareness Oct 2015Evolve’s social media presence is vigorous and comprehensive. Spread across platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Square, Linkedin and Instagram, Evolve appears to work diligently to keep Annapolis and Anne Arundel county as a whole, up to date on relative local and national health issues, publishing double the number of posts as it’s nearest-ranked urgent care competitor. Even more impressive is that the only other local competitor with more “likes” on Facebook has 59 facilities compared with Evolve Medical Clinics sole flagship operation.

Community Involvement

Evolve Medical Clinics takes community commitment and involvement to a new level when compared against other urgent cares (or primary cares) in Annapolis or Anne Arundel County. Evolve stands alone by offering an ongoing discount program to “all full time artists, musicians and dancers” of 50% off their normal price. In addition, Evolve has sponsored or been directly involved in an impressive array of events ranging from art openings to health fairs, a few of which are listed below:

Healthcare Policy and Community Involvement of the Founder

Evolve Medical Clinics’ founder and CEO is Dr. Michael Freedman. Freedman’s pedigree includes

urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis maryland

George H.W. Bush awarding Freedman’s clinic the 807th Daily Point of Light

University of Michigan, Georgetown University and Emory University. Dr. Freedman built a student run clinic for the homeless in Philadelphia, PA, while he was in Medical School, which was awarded one of George H.W. Bush’s Daily Points of Light. In Annapolis, he developed the Annapolis Outreach Clinic which provided over 6,000 free visits to uninsured patients per year and included free consults and surgeries from every specialty. For these accomplishments, he received numerous awards and MDNews Freedman urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis marylandrecognition ranging from the Maryland’s House of Delegates and the Maryland’s General Assembly to  local civic organizations, newspapers and magazine.

He is currently an Active Staff Member of Anne Arundel Medical Center and in the past, he has been a member of serval committees including the AAMC Medical Executive Board Strategic Planning Committee, AAMC Medical Executive Board Community Needs Assessment Committee, AAMC Information Technology Advisement Committee, and AAMC’s Strategic Physician Synergy group. His peers voted him one of Annapolis’ “Top Docs” over a 6 year period prior to leaving traditional healthcare and founding Evolve.

Dr. Freedman recently joined the Direct Primary Care coalition Steering Committee and in this capacity has been helping directly shape United States healthcare policy particularly as it relates to DPC. In September 2015, he met with several Senator’s staff to discuss the recently introduced Senate Bill (S.1989) Primary Care Enhancement Act. 


Despite only being open for 1 year, Evolve Medical Clinics has amassed an exemplary list of accolades and awards, some of which are listed below:

 Reviews: Selected Examples

Yelp (9 Reviews recommended/11 not recommended)

“Had an absolutely perfect visit here…I had both my toddlers with me and they couldn’t have been nicer to them. The lady at the front desk was very nice, Dr. Freedman was great, and Denise did a great blood draw. I will definitely be going back. Thanks so much!” –LV, 07/14/15

“Having been to MinuteClinic many times and one terrible visit to RightTime, i tried Evolve. ..Got the correct diagnosis and medication and am on the road to recovery. which from past experience would not have been the case at the other places i have visited over the years. thanks Evolve – i will be back!” –SR, 02/04/15

urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis maryland

“Best place ever! Quick appointment times. Caring providers. I went in today for a blood pressure check and they checked everything. The staff is very attentive and very friendly. They are knowledgeable and reasonably priced with or without insurance. They accept self pay patients as well. Highly recommend.”–MZ, 02/03/15

“Evolve felt more like a spa than a doctor’s office with its dimly lit waiting area. But beyond a nice ambiance, Evolve’s staff genuinely seemed to care about providing excellent customer service, and I didn’t have to wait forever to be seen. When I was seen, I didn’t feel like I was being rushed out the door. I particularly appreciated that the doctor didn’t have his face in an iPad the entire time. I know many doctors use the iPad now, but it drives me nuts when they can’t seem to look away from a screen to talk to me. –CF, 12/28/14

My experience at Evolve was better than that at my PCP. I highly recommend this place if you need medical care.”

urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis maryland

“I searched Google for urgent care and Evolve was close and had all 5 star reviews. I can see why. Comfortable atmosphere that felt more like an art studio or coffee house than an office…I saw NP Amy Ricker and was amazed at her awesome demeanor and caring disposition. She helped me find the cheapest meds for what I needed just in case my insurance would not pay for my situation and was nothing short of amazing. I was lucky I found this place and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the future.”–DY, 09/08/15

“I am so thrilled with Evolve! The team is wonderful and accommodating for in person visits and online visits. They make healthcare simple and easy for this single mom who works full time with kids at home.”–HM, 06/26/15

“I was seen right away. I saw Amy and she was so warm and understanding, and took time to talk to me. I received excellent medical care. I highly recommend Evolve. It was a very positive experience being there, and I agree you are in amazing hands once you get there!”–PE, 02/23/15

urgent care evolve medical clinics

Google (10)

urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis maryland“Just established care with Dr. Ricker as my PCP and she’s great. Dr. Ricker was so thorough, going through my medical history to establish an agenda of treatment. She explained everything clearly. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate.

In this day and age of a doctor’s visit in your room feeling more like a pit stop, I was so happy to see the doctor actually take the time to listen, and both ask and answer questions. I was also happy to not walk out with questions in my mind, in contrast to some former experiences with other physicians.

The rest of the staff was courteous and professional. You dont see this quality of care so often.” –TF, 08/15

“Ease of use, lack of wait time, professional and knowledgeable staff. Had to get in and out in between work and this couldn’t have been easier plus Dr Freedman was very conscientious, kind and knowledgeable.”–KJL, 09/15urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis maryland

“Quick, friendly, expert service!
Waiting area looked like a lounge, with upholstered chairs, rather than the typical cafeteria seating. Amy, the nurse practitioner, was attentive, knowledgeable and professional.” –TB, 08/15

“I called Evolve Medical Clinic late on a Monday evening, 10 minutes before closing time. I was about 10 minutes away from the clinic and knew I may not make it on time. They told me, “No problem, come on in”. Even though it was late, I felt welcomed and was well taken care of. Then the next day, Amy called me to ask if I was feeling better. What great service! I would highly recommend Evolve to anyone requiring medical care in the Annapolis area.” –MB, 10/14

“This was a very positive experience. They examined me and made sure that I explained myself thoroughly while they are listening attentively before making a diagnosis. This was a quick process.”–CV, 04/15

“Took my husband here after finding them in a google search. They treated him for a cough/sinus infection. They have a membership that will make future visits more affordable than going to any other doctors office so we signed up. We were convinced he would get better treatment here anyway because the doctor who saw him was very friendly and professional. She took time to explain everything clearly and even talked about resolving other issues my husband was having. Beyond reasonable costs and very professional service and atmosphere!”–RF, 11/14

“One of the first times in years I felt as if my doctor cared about me as an individual.” –AL, 10/15

Chesapeake Family Magazine (3)

“I experienced a highly efficient, knowledgable and reasonably priced service at Evolve. The facility is easy to access, top-of-the-line modern with close parking and easy in/out access. The staff is well trained and helpful without being to aggressive. A pleasing, professional experience from the time I walked into the new, very clean and well maintained office to check in and out service. No wait, no hassle, professional service which beats waiting for hours at my local doctor’s.
A strong recommendation for anyone who is tired of being asked be their existing doctor office to “please hold or try again tomorrow” !!! A new wave in healthcare service.”–KC, 11/06/14

Patient Fusion: Michael Freedman (168 Reviews)

“Dr. Freedman is THE BEST Primary Care Doctor I have ever had and I have had my fair share. He was extremely patient and completely “present” while in the appointment with me. He is great at finding the right clues to end up with an accurate diagnosis!”

Patient Fusion: Amy Ricker (248 Reviews)

“Unparalleled bedside manner. Her knowledge of the subject was excellent but, more importantly, her explanation was clear and concise. I highly recommend her expertise.”

“Cheerfully took care of me. I am happy to say,” I was given the utmost TLC!” ….. Highly recommend!”

“This is the BEST primary care in Annapolis. Forget Annapolis primary care, forget MD primary, forget them all. You will not regret switching to this practice. Each provider is compassionate, friendly. Treated like a human, not a number. Fantastic!!!”

Patient Fusion: Kastle Donovan (127 Reviews)

I really like Evolve Medical, all the staff, and the level of care I receive. It is a highly valued and well priced service. Every person I have met at Evolve has been wonderful. There is no waiting. It is fast and efficient.

Kastle was so kind and helpful. This was my first visit. I was in and out of there in under 30 min. I don’t have a PCP and she suggested becoming a member and having her as my PCP and I am definitely going to do it. I love Evolve!

This was the most pleasant urgent care visit I have ever had. From my initial call, to reception when I arrived,to the prompt, courteous and truly focused care I received, 5 stars isn’t high enough. Thank you for taking the stress out of the situation.

Facebook (36)

urgent care“Finding this clinic was literally a God send! Affordable Health Care at last. I’m sending all my self employed friends there. Doctor Freeman helped me get all my script at a fraction of what I was paying and lab work at a tenth of what I paid for at other clinics.”

“Never and wait and always super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Can’t recommend them enough!”

“I called on a Saturday afternoon and they were able to take care of my dad quickly and efficiently. They were professional, patient and kind. The clinic was open, airy and clean. We were in and out within 45 mins. When my pharmacy could not find the prescription I called the office back and Denise called the pharmacy and made sure that they had everything and understood the electronic prescription. This is concierge medicine at its best and not for concierge prices!”

“OMG the best medical care I have ever gotten. I SET up a monthly membership and my office visits are so affordable. Everyone there is no nice and Kastle who I’ve seen several times is so thorough and caring. IF you need medical care definitely check out Evolve”

“DPC is fantastic! Every thing I have read and researched about Evolve is wonderful.”

“Our family has been several times and each experience has been top notch. I almost can’t wait to go back. A+”

“Love this place! So easy, convenient and clean. Dr. Castle and staff were wonderful this morning and I’m feeling better already!”

“Evolve Medical Clinic is hands-down THE BEST clinic or doctor’s office I’ve ever been to. All of the medical and administrative staff are friendly and caring, the quality of care (complete with follow-up) is outstanding, the facility is clean, modern, and inviting and features local art, the waiting time is minimal, their pricing is reasonable, and most of all–they actually listen! I use Evolve as my primary care physician now. If I’m not feeling right, I go to Evolve first.”

“Went here last night upon my tumble at the gym to have my shoulder looked at. It’s my go to place now. Dr. Freedman detailed what happened to my shoulder . This helps me heal myself. The staff included his young daughter last night who brought such joy to my short wait to see the doctor, Healing atmosphere, Healing staff, Healing Follow-up!”

“These guys are amazing… No wait. Super through. Very nice. Also a discount for full time musicians.”

“I set up a membership just before the new year and I havent been feeling well for the last two week so finally last night I decided to make an appointment. I called at 530pm and was seen at 6pm. They had my info on file and I waited about 5 mins to actually see a doctor. Within 30 mins I was in, out and walking to the CVS to fill my prescription. Dr. Donavon was so nice probably the best experience I’ve had with a doctor. I would definitely recommend folks check out Evolve because going anywhere else is just a waste of time.”

“I visited Evolve last Tuesday for the first time. The experience was the best you can ask for when you are ill. Amy Riker’s bedside manner is truly one of the best I have ever had. Clean, friendly, caring individuals. As a matter of fact, I just received a personal phone call from Amy to check to see how I was doing! I needed to visit this clinic again. Another positive experience. I would recommend this clinic to all in the area in need of prompt professional medical attention.”

For more information about the Evolve Medical Clinics urgent care, go to www.evolvemedicalclinics.com or call 844-322-4222. 

urgent care evolve medical clinics annapolis maryland

Urgent Care in Annapolis: Evolve Medical Clinics Highest Rated

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