Johns Hopkins Opens Direct Primary Care

Johns Hopkins opened a new practice based on Evolve Medical's Direct Primary Care model. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a rapidly growing movement, started by regular people who were fed up with not being able to talk to their doctor when they needed him or her, waiting...

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Maryland Flu Rate Spikes January 2019

Flu has spiked suddenly here in Maryland going from “Minimal” to “High” in early January 2019 and the CDC is reporting nearly 7 million people have already contracted the flu this season.

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Last Minute Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Do you worry about your kid's safety on Halloween in Maryland? You actually should! But not for all the "scary" reasons we've heard: poison candy, razor blades, sex offenders. The REAL safety issue that we need to watch for are the injuries!     ...

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Kids & ZZZ’s: How to Improve Your Child’s Sleep

Kids & ZZZ’s: How to Improve Your Child’s Sleep Kids need more sleep than adults -- but many don’t get the rest that they need. A lot of factors can disrupt your child’s sleep pattern, including nightmares, overstimulation, and discomfort. And missing too much...

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Is It Safe to Swim in the Chesapeake Bay?

Is It Safe to Swim in the Chesapeake Bay? Wonder if it is safe to swim in the Chesapeake Bay in 2018?  What are the risks of getting sick from swimming in the Bay around Annapolis? It's mid-summer and water temperatures are heating up — which means higher bacterial...

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Anne Arundel County: Winter Storm Safety Alert

Winter Storm Safety Alert for Anne Arundel County: Winter storms and cold temperatures can be deadly. Power outages, frozen docks and slippery roadways all contribute to injuries and deaths every year. Evolve Medical brings you a reminder of what you should (and...

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